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Center for Government Interoperability

Center for Government Interoperability

Busting down obstacles for startups and job seekers

Startups get connected with developer job trainees who create their dev website or prototype programming code

Learn about our project to help the unemployed by teaching them computer programming and then matching them with low-budget startups who need developers or web designers.

Code for America

The Open Impact campaign calls on residents and city leaders to lead the charge for revolutionizing the way our city governments deliver services and interact with residents. The Open Impact website ( provides resources for open government advocates and city officials to use when promoting a more efficient, transparent, and participatory government.


Our passion is to help government

Governments are cash strapped and have severe budget deficits. The Center for Government Interoperability, a nonprofit organization, is launching an innovation agenda designed to save governments from tough economic times and directly address budget deficits.

What's New!
  • Startup and employment program started
  • Free government suggestion app available for download! New Jersey Institute of Technology students complete suggestion management app.
  • Directory of Open Source Developers started
  • Directory of Open Source Solutions started
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  • This site is for government organizations of all levels, federal, state, municipal, tribal. We want to help mayors run their cities better, state officials from accountants to police officers manage their organizations more efficiently, and federal execs and staff improve day-to-day business processes, emergency preparedness and national security. The Center for Government Interoperability (CFGIO) is a nonprofit organization that administers several programs to improve government.


    eBay Style Marketplace for Cost Saving Apps

    Marketplace Bidding System. The Center manages a special community of commercial software developers who have pledged to only build software that can be shared by all other government agencies. The cost of the shared software significantly drops as multiple government agencies participate. Our developers have pledged to work collaboratively with each other to integrate their products in order to give government the highest quality software at the lowest price through collective government purchasing power. CFGIO's new business model brings vendors to our organization that are dedicated to giving government extra value by eliminating redundant computer systems throughout local, state and federal government. It is through this collective sharing model that the Center can provide extraordinary savings in software.

    Government Sharing Software

    Free meeting place for government app sharing. A free service that the Center provides is that it acts as a meeting place for all government agencies to come together to share software gov-to-gov via its marketplace where government organizations interested in the same functionality can meet and then build and host the software themselves.

    Take the risk out of new projects

    Collective Prototyping is Now Available! The Center offers government vendor-assisted individual agency prototyping, or a venue to find other like-minded government agencies to collectively prototype shared systems. Our goal is to get government inexpensive prototypes, collectively sharing the same system if possible, so that government business analysts can experiment in a safe and innovative environment to save money and keep under project reporting thresholds. Project feasibility becomes more tangible and benefits both government and vendors.

    Improving Every Dimension of Government

    Multi-Discipline Solutions. There is a tremendous opportunity to integrate innovation. The Center's Multi-Discipline Solutions program provides a service that combines certified process improvement teams from multiple disciplines and brings them all together to provide recommendations to individual government agencies. Each discipline expert has unique skills to view opportunities from a different perspective. An example would be a procurement expert that trains your procurement staff to save money in many areas of the procurement process such as licensing, group purchases and contract management. Another discipline is printer management, where an expert calculates the total cost of ownership of printers and toner to save potentially thousands of dollars a month. Other examples of disciplines include security, energy, mobile apps and many others.

    All of the experts that you select to work with integrate their solutions in order to leverage on-site collaboration opportunities they have with other experts while they are working with you at the same time. For example, the procurement expert would work with the print management expert to create an optimal plan for printer/toner purchases.

    The Center's goal is to provide a whole range of enterprise-wide improvements in a holistic sense to government areas we engage with. We look forward to saving you money, improving citizen services and building innovation into government.

    Good ideas from citizens are implemented faster through collaboration and market incentives

    Citizen Suggestion Database. Today's social media environment can greatly leverage citizen participation in government. The Center creates a citizen suggestion database and discussion forum that commercial vendors can search for feasible projects that save government money. Citizens and government employees post suggestions to the public database. Commercial software developers and other commercial companies evaluate the ideas, and they can transparently post project proposals, or even prototypes of valuable ideas. The government organization that is the subject of the recommendation may then choose to implement it. Commercial companies do the initial analysis work and prioritize the best recommendations.

    There are many ideas which hold no revenue potential for the Center’s vendor community, but are highly valuable to government. Government organizations themselves may also review citizen ideas for innovative opportunities.

    Commercial companies and government organizations may vote on the suggestions' return-on-investment potential, which creates a prioritized list on the Center's site.

    An example would be a citizen recommends that a mobile app be created to help drivers who are locked out of their car, find the nearest licensed locksmith. A commercial vendor viewing that suggestion could create a prototype, propose it on our website, and the state licensing board could purchase and implement the app thereby improving citizen services.

    The Center evolves the citizen suggestion website concept. It brings citizens, private industry, and government into an innovative environment where good ideas are implemented faster through collaboration and market incentives.